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2009 Photography Competition

The Annual Photographic Competition was held during the Members Day on Saturday 24th November 2009.  Photographs were submitted in the following categories:.

Members attending the meeting voted for their favourite entry in each of the categories as well as for the overall winner. 

OVERALL WINNER and winner of BEHAVIOUR Category - Maurice Pugh

Hummingbird Hawkmoth
Photo © Maurice Pugh

OVERALL Runner-up and winner of UK BUTTERFLIES

Tony Wooton

Small Heath
Photo © Tony Wootton

Other Category Winners

UK Moths
Maurice Pugh
Tony Wootton
  Poplar Hawkmoth
Photo ©
Tony Wootton


OVERSEAS Joint Winner
Ken Bailey

Nickerl's Fritillary
Photo © Ken Bailey
  Spotted Fritillary
Photo © Ken Bailey


Full Results

Category Position Competitor Subject
UK Butterflies 1 Tony Wootton Small Heath
  2 Ian Pratt Orange-tip
  =3 Lisa Baker-Richardson Silver-studded Blue
  =3 Ian Pratt Green Hairstreak
UK Moths 1 Maurice Pugh Merveille-du-Jour
  2 Tony Rackham Buff-tip
  =3 Robin Turner Merveille-du-Jour
  =3 Lisa Baker-Richardson Light Emerald
  =3 Sue Clark Mother of Pearl
  =3 John Vetterlein Mother Shipton
Behaviour 1 Maurice Pugh Hummingbird Hawkmoth
  2 Paul Brock Marsh Fritillary mating pair
  =3 Gary Richardson Adonis Blue on snail
  =3 Steve Goodwin Nine Spotted moth
Immature Stages 1 Tony Wootton Poplar Hawkmoth larva
  2 Pete Eeles Spurge Hawkmoth larva
  3 Barry Clark Lackey Moth larva
Overseas =1 Ken Bailey Spotted Fritillary
  =1 Ken Bailey Nickerl's Fritillary
  3 Pete Eeles Purple-shot Copper
Overall 1 Maurice Pugh Hummingbird Hawkmoth
  2 Tony Wootton Small Heath
  =3 Pete Eeles Spurge Hawkmoth larva
  =3 Barry Clark Lackey Moth larva