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Priority Butterflies

In 2000, Butterfly Conservation published its South-Central England Regional Action Plan covering Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire & Isle of Wight. Following strict guidelines based on national importance, rarity and rates of decline, the Regional Action Plan (RAP) identified 15 high priority butterflies, of which 13 occured in Hampshire & the Isle of Wight.  Since then, a major review of UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP) species has taken place. The fully revised and updated list was published in 2007 resulting in significant changes to the national list of butterflies and moths (see Review Article by Bourn, N. (2007) pp. 19-21 in Issue 96 of Butterfly). The current list of high priority butterflies for Hampshire & Isle of Wight now also includes Dingy Skipper, Grayling, Wall, White Admiral, White-letter Hairstreak (all elevated from Medium Priority), and Small Heath. The full list of 18 species is as follows:

A further 2 species of butterfly are classed as medium priority, namely: