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News Archive for Nov 2022

13 Nov 2022

Crazy November Weather on Magdalen Hill Down. A warm and sunny day at Magdalen Hill Down yesterday gave three Red Admirals, two Peacocks, and a female Brimstone. This is the latest I've seen the last two species.

Buzzard, Raven, Sparrowhawk and a pair of Bullfinch were also noted. [Posted by Lee Hurrell]

11 Nov 2022

Moth trap on in my Garden at Leigh Park. I had my moth trap on overnight in my garden at Leigh Park from 10th November into the following morning. Some of the highlights included Blair's Mocha which was a new species for the garden, 2 Merveille du jour, Cypress Carpet, Green-brindled Crescent, 3 Rusty-dot Peart, 2 Vines Rustic, L-album Wainscot. [Posted by Barry Collins]

Monks Walk, Frater Fields & Woods, Gosport. My first weather-permitted walk of November realised three butterfly sightings yet all different. From 1200-1245 (16 deg C) when the sun was pleasantly warm in the more protected area to the south of Heritage Way, the butterflies were all seen on the wing, agitated and fast. But the Holly Blue eventually alighted, high on a tree, yet long enough to get a rushed and shabby distanced photograph which permitted its identification. Total: Red Admiral (1); Brimstone (M)(1); Holly Blue (M)(1). [Posted by Francis Plowman]

Meon Shore & Brownwich Cliff Top Path towards Solent Breezes. With the temperature still 16 degrees Celsius with full sun, fresh southerly breeze and under clear blue skies, I walked the Meon Shore cliffs to Brownwich and back (on the beach!) between 1305-1535. All this for one butterfly (and two rabbits)! Resting on a cabbage in the field atop the Brownwich cliffs was one fresh, female and very lonely Large White. So four species for 11th November overall was a very pleasing outcome. [Posted by Francis Plowman]

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Female Large White
Photo © Francis Plowman
Same butterfly
Photo © Francis Plowman
Funny Bunnies!
Photo © Francis Plowman

Late Painted Lady at Hillier Gardens, Romsey. An early afternoon visit to Hillier Gardens in warm sunshine produced a beautifully fresh female Painted Lady nectaring on Colletia paradoxa. I presume it may have arrived on the warm south-westerly winds that are currently giving well above average November temperatures. As similar weather looks set to continue over the next few days it will be interesting to see what else arrives. [Posted by Andy Barker]

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Painted Lady nectaring on Colletia
Photo © Andy Barker

04 Nov 2022

November Small White on Whiteshute Ridge, Winchester. Not normally a newsworthy species, but quite late for a male Small White, looking very fresh at Whiteshute Ridge today. Obligatory Red Admiral a little further along the path. [Posted by Rupert Broadway]

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Small White at Whiteshute Ridge
Photo © Rupert Broadway