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News Archive for Nov 2018

30 Nov 2018

Spotted today in Havant. Female Brimstone flying in the early afternoon sun at Denvilles, Havant. [Posted by Mick Langridge]

29 Nov 2018

Red Admirals out in all conditions. Despite the stormy conditions today I spotted a Red Admiral flying in Gilbert White Way, Alton. It had no doubt been disturbed from its roost by the weather. On Monday 26th November I spotted a Red Admiral basking in much more pleasant sunny conditions at about 1pm in Locksway Road, Portsmouth. No photos. [Posted by Paul Harfield]

05 Nov 2018

Northington Down. A Red Admiral was flying around my apple tree in warm sunshine at lunchtime [Posted by Robert Bryant]

Holly Blue in Shirley. Very fresh looking late Holly Blue today at Lordsdale Greenway, Shirley, Southampton. [Posted by Andrew Collins]

03 Nov 2018

Peacock, Red Admiral and Speckled Wood in Knowle. During a sunny but rather breezy walk between 12.30 and 1.30 today at Knowle Village butterflies were few and far between. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Peacock as well as a couple of Red Admirals and Speckled Wood all doing their best in the breezy conditions. [Posted by Paul Harfield]

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Photo © Paul HarfieldRed Admiral doing its best to avoid the wind and my camera lens!
Photo © Paul Harfield

Titchfield Haven foreshore & Brownwich Cliffs. The lone (male) Clouded Yellow found at the bottom of the cliffs today. [Posted by Francis Plowman]

Monks Walk, Frater Fields & Woods, Gosport. Between 1144-1215 two male Speckled Woods were found in a sheltered glade tumbling and spiralling into the trees. Both eventually descended into the sunshine and photographs of each taken. The second one showing signs of damage to wing and antennae. [Posted by Francis Plowman]

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Speckled Wood No 1 (and friend)
Photo © Francis Plowman
Speckled Wood No 2 with some damage
Photo © Francis Plowman

Titchfield Haven foreshore & Brownwich Cliffs. The temperature was 14.5 deg C between 1230-1330 today but with a very strong southerly wind it felt much cooler. In blissful optimism I walked the cliff-top path then descended to the beach at the western end by Brownwich. Nothing. I decided to walk back on the shingle beach and after just half-dozen steps or so put up a male Clouded Yellow. He didn't want to fly far in that gale so an opportunity was gained to photograph it. Nothing ventured nothing gained! [Posted by Francis Plowman]

02 Nov 2018

Eastney Beach keeps on trucking Part 3. After such a deluge yesterday and very cold nights over the past few days I didn't give much hope for any activity on the 'Clouded Copper Bank. But they really are so resilient little beauties. A rather bedraggled female Small Copper was still sunning itself on the shorter turf. And further along on bare patches I saw at least three Clouded Yellows...but nothing else. What more do you need into the first week of November? [Posted by Ashley Whitlock]

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A rather bedraggled looking Clouded Yellow
Photo © Ashley Whitlock
Small Copper still sunning itself
Photo © Ashley Whitlock