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2019 Photography Competition

The Annual Photographic Competition was held during the Members Day on Sunday 17th November 2019. Photographs were submitted in the following categories:

Members attending the meeting voted for their favourite entry in each of the categories as well as for the overall winner.

Overall Winner - Iain Mackintosh

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Green Hairstreak
Photo © Iain Mackintosh

UK Butterflies - Steve Lovick

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Silver-studded Blues
Photo © Steve Lovick

2nd Place - John Vetterlein (Silver-spotted Skipper)

3rd Place (joint) - Sharron Broadway (Brown Hairstreak), Iain Mackintosh (Green Hairstreak)

UK Moths - Gill Pullinger

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Broad-bordered Hawk Moth
Photo © Gill Pullinger

2nd Place - Joseph Shaffery (Eyed Hawk Moth)

3rd Place - Joseph Shaffery (Privet Hawk Moth)

Immature Stages - John Stacey

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Mullein Moth larva
Photo © John Stacey

2nd Place - Tony Rackham (Large White larvae)

Overseas - Joseph Shaffery

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Jersey Tigers
Photo © Joseph Shaffery

2nd Place - Tony Rackham (Black-veined White)

3rd Place equal - Peter Hunt (Blue Spot Hairstreak)

3rd Place equal - Ken Bailey (Anatolian Blue Argus)

First time entrants - Freya Brown

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Painted Lady
Photo © Freya Brown

2nd Place equal- Hugh Woodd (Swallowtail)

2nd Place equal- Paul Harknett (Glanville Fritillaries)

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