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The on-line butterfly recording form on the Branch website was closed down in May 2014 and you are now asked to submit all your butterfly and moth records using one of the three options below. This change became necessary as the records previously submitted to our website had many errors which took a great deal of time to correct before being able to import into our database. There was also no way of querying a record as the email of the person submitting the record was not retained, so that if he/she were not known to us then unusual records sometimes had to be arbitrarily deleted as we had no way of checking whether they were correct or simply a typo.

Living Record is a similar on-line recording system that you can use for all your natural history sightings, not just butterflies. It has the great advantage to you that you can view and manage all the records that you have entered and this was not available to you using the Branch website. As County Recorders we can then view and verify or query/comment on any records on-line and you are able to attach any pictures in support of your id or add additional comments. If you choose to use Living Record as your submission method then we encourage you to start using it now and try and keep your records up to date. It is of course slightly different to what you have been used to so it will take a short time to learn it but believe me it is worth the effort and we value your records.

  • You can use Mapmate for data submission of your butterfly and/or moth records. There is no need to split the two and they should be sent to Mike Wall (CUK 2h3) or to Iain Outlaw (CUK art {for IoW moth records only}). We suggest that if you currently use Mapmate then you continue to do so.
  • You can use Living Record for data submission of your butterfly and/or moth records. This is a well-proven on-line recording system and it's free! You will be able to view and manage all your records and they can be easily verified and downloaded for import into the Branch database by the relevant County Recorder.
  • You can submit your records using the Butterfly Excel Spreadsheet (new version for 2021) and Moth Excel Spreadsheet and sending them by email to either Bob Annel at grahants23 AT gmail.com (for butterflies) or Mike Wall at mike AT hantsmoths.org.uk (for moths).
    [By submitting information on these forms I agree that it may be collated and disseminated manually or electronically, including via the Internet, for conservation, environmental decision-making, education, research and other public benefit uses in accordance with Butterfly Conservation's data access policy. Names and contact details of recorders will be used for administration and verification purposes only. Your contact details will not be passed to other parties without your consent, whilst your name will form part of the record that is collated and disseminated in accordance with Butterfly Conservation's privacy policy.]


If using Living Record it would help greatly if you enter your records as you go along to allow time for on-line verification. If using Mapmate or the Excel spreadsheets then please submit them by 30 November at the latest with a later follow-up by 31 December if required.

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